Monday, February 20, 2012

I keep checking Tom Disch's blog ENDZONE, even though he's dead. Like his poem GHOST SHIP, his blog keeps on accumulating comments. But now it's comatose again and rejecting my post, so I'll drop it here, one more for Tom.


You have arrived too late, wedding guest;
no one here to fix you with glittering eye
a thousand thousand slimy things post on,
and so do I.
Alphabetic barnacles
adhering to the ghost ship's hull
shrimps and crabs, whelks and prawns, trolls and phish,
without a thought they plant their spat
fifteen comments on the dead man's chest
yo ho ho and a bucket of blood
random strings of kelpy words snag on its keel
and no one's at the wheel; it spins wildly
turning with the wind, still the ghost ship persists.
Exists; course has been set and locked by anguished decision
the pilot has gone, and what is that nailed to the mast?
Surely not a human heart; it must be some bird or moth
the sea gods would not torment a man this way.
This was all foreseen, foretold
inherent in the last decision
the deck crusts with black blood, too salty to dry
gulls pass overhead mewing sadly
but the skeletons continue their game of cards:
"Fear death by water; this is your card:
the drowned american author."

Friday, February 04, 2011

I do have a heart.

I found this out when it was attacked. Luckily, I had good defenses, and seem to have escaped unscathed, but it was a very peculiar event.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Still alive

No, I haven't been eaten by zombies.

Friday, May 07, 2010

My Brain Hurts

The stuff going on in the world today is enough to make a cat laugh.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I live again

After an long absence I rise again from the crypt, only to find a bunch of elderly hoodlums 'teabagging' America. Let me guess the next movement: cornholing America? Get a grip, former conservatives - secession is treason. Pay your taxes and shut up. BTW these are Bush and Rove's taxes THIS year - Obama's tax schedule would be for 2010.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vote For Me

Apparently Hillary and Obama are going to fight until there's nothing left of either of them, leaving McCain to get that Three A.M. phone call since he'll be up peeing anyway. What does this mean to you, America?

It means voting for an idiot, no matter who it is. How did America get into this awful mess(I actually know, but I can't tell you)? How are we going to get out?

After some soul-searching, I've decided to run myself, just so America will have a real choice. Sure, I'm a disembodied criminal brain in a crypt beneath the sidewalk, but I'm not crazy. That gives me a real edge over the nut candidates, who have apparently never considered that they will actually have to do the work if elected. There are trade agreements to sign or reject, financial reports, meetings; it's worse than being an evil overlord. Almost none of it is glamorous or sexy. If I'm elected, I'll really hate it, but someone has to clean this up.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Moderate Comments

No kidding, there's a button on my blogger that says "Moderate Comments." I clicked it and it changed that rant about cut-and-run republicans into the following:
Gee, I really hate to see this much hatred and vilification over a mere election. You'd think they were voting for who would be the next Jesus the way they waved Bibles and damned gay people. It's just a matter of who will sit at a desk and do a boring-ass job for four years, not whose morals will prevail. I'd rather be defended by competent soldiers than by reverent ones, and I'd prefer an efficient atheist manager over an inefficient bible-trash one. Apparently having Clinton and his situational ethics in the White House caused a huge upswing in religion (or at least in pretending religion), so if we elect Rev Haggard and his Log Cabin Republicans next term as president, our whole country might go straight. The President, for all his power, is a gigantic McDogfood's manager in a paper hat, intoning "Ya want fries wid dat?" to his constituency. It's a job I'd give my worst enemy - no one escapes without a blizzard of criticism.
So, quit gloating and hand your new McSenators the mop - new guy has to clean up Iraq.